About Nina Straub

My name is Nina Straub. My background is in Accounting, and I hold an MBA in Financial Management. I have spent 35 years in the corporate business environment, with 20 of those years in the Hospitality Industry.

About five years ago I stumbled into acrylic painting and found a passion. I was seeking an outlet where I could let the other side of my brain just let loose and not be so linear. I would sit in these classes and think, I would love to teach this to others, and show them that

“Everyone's an artist, they just don't know it yet!"

Through lots of prayer and a Life Coach prodding me forward, By His Hand Painting was launched in Jan 2019 starting with a bunch of lovely couples for Valentine’s Day.

Why is this business different than all the other paint class experiences you might ask?

By His Hand Painting is based on a more personal experience. Although I might teach large parties upon request, my focus is on a smaller group creative experience. By keeping the parties smaller, I am able to interact on a more personal one-on-one basis with each budding artist.

The part I love most is the personal time I get to spend with my clients helping them find their inner artist. I get to walk around and help with technique and brush strokes, offering suggestions for their painting. But more importantly, I encourage them to think outside the box from the sample painting and do their own thing to create a personal masterpiece.

What is provided with each Painting Party?

16x20 canvas, apron, paint, paint brushes, plastic for table, easel.  Basically everything you need to go home with your own Masterpiece!

So let's put the ART into pARTy, and create a masterpiece together!

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